February 2014

UPDATE!! Projects not dead…only slightly delayed a bit.

Do you remember that little project had started up where I did promise that there would be a comic based off Camp Sherwood, a side-story if you will? No? Well, me neither! 

Officially started working on updating a few project have left dead on the creative board. Hopefully, this will be something worth the entire wait after 2 years of no updates on this project an on this website as a whole; Creativity doesn’t come right away as we’d like, but when it does. WATCH OUT! Anyway read below.  -Tako666

Started this back in 2011; dropped it, so never got off the ground. Do to some stupid virus wiping out all of my written materials saved using notepad. Sadly it didn’t make it where it would be possible to go over again to be reviewed, sadly nothing to be feared as my memory is quite clear and fresh as ever. …2 years later that is! 


Jade Chan
[Jackie Chan Adventures]

Helga G. Pataki
[Hey Arnold!]

Juniper Lee
[The Life & Times of Juniper Lee]

Trixie Tang
[Fairly Odd-parents]

[Other Guest Appearances:]

Shaggy, Scrappy and Scooby-Doo

[Scooby Doo Mystery Inc]

Its a cool night. No clouds in the sky.
The Campers are asleep.

There’s a low rumble in the ground, than a gigantic sink hole appears quickly swallowing up the sleeping campers and the cabin whole. A Fog oozes out from within the sinkhole, later out emerges an evil that bellows a roaring blood curdling howlish-like-scream….that echo’s into the night, it lifts up both hands high while in mid-air; Releasing an energy so powerful it stopped time itself.

Time stood still. …Followed by an outpouring of demons, ghouls and other nightmarish creatures that attacks everything within eye site, turning everything grey and dark. Nature being a victim, along with the animals. Slowly transforming into a hellish realm fit only for those who care not for the living!

-Animals kind and gentle become monsters after being bitten.

Leaving only 4 characters alive who were outside answering “natures call (…taking a dump and pissing)”; Each one of their camp leaders eaten, killed. Sacrificing themselves the girls were able to get out of harms way…or…so they thought!

  • The girls personalities are so vastly different that they butt heads as often as possible.
  • They create various weapons to defend themselves

  • Some slowly start becoming different, why is that?

  • WIP

A dark gothic feel, Time stops, Girls forced to use their heads and work together to set aside their many differences really begin to rely on each other for help, all while fending off the evils trying to make a meal out of them, unlocking mystery finding clues on who this evil entity is, what’s its intention and hopefully be in time to save the world from a doom soon to come…All before breakfast!