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Pages 27,28,29 text edit

These are the Pages with redone text. ALL text on these pages was retyped, but only some of it was changed. These edits seem more inline and realistic to Trixie’s character to me.


Changes to pages 27,28,29,32

Page 27: Change Penelopy’s dialog of “Somthing interesting over there” to “What’cha looking at trixie?”  Remove Penelope’s “don’t tell me you want to join those geeks” dialog, Redraw trixie in the last panel so she has a ‘fuck this’ attitude, and change her dialog to something like “That laughter. It’s so annoying” Maybe use the added space for the “hey listen up”

Page 28: Add panel with “HEY, LISTEN UP” like its been shouted (possibly on the previous page). Add panel with a member of the kitchen staff (REFERENCE TIME) saying “5 More minutes for lunch! Please rember to return your trays before you head to the lake for kayaking” Delete first panel. Change dialog in second panel to somethign like “I’m going to go the restroom to touch up my make-up”. Add a panel where trixie dissapears into the croud with the veiwpoint being over a sad veronica’s shoulder. Change the dialog in the panel with veronica to “can i come Trixie?” instead of “can i help” keep the panel and dialog where trixie is walking towards timmantha, scrap the first panel on the bottom and replace it with the last one on the bottom but change the dialog to “um, er…” “Hi…” Keep the middle panel on the bottom the way it is but have timmantha giving a slight smile instead of a :<.

Page 29: CHange the dialog in the first panel to “Come with me, I need to talk to you in private.”

PAGE 32: Edit veronica’s dialog to something that references trixie going to the bathroom

It’s also plausible to do a simple text edit if need be. Which I am already working on.