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[WIP] Camp Sherwood: Rise Of The Lust Wolf* [Title pending]

Please bare with me as writing isn’t my area of expertise, so have in all honestly. Tried with the best of my abilities in putting together (I hope) a pretty decent story-line.

Page1 [5 Panels] *The prey (*Name May change later on) 
[Panel 1] Camp Sherwood: Rise of the Lust Wolf
Caption: Movie Night Snack!

[Scene 1]
In my head, there’s this sunset, trees look normal but scary at night like hands reaching out to grab you; moons out. 


It takes place where the campers are inside watching a movie about ..well, what else…Cheesy 80’s horror flicks based on American Werewolf in (wherever). -Attacking some poor smuck! 


Movie playing in the background:
[Layout: Center view: Entire campers/staff together seated in the same room – Go for wide 1 point perspective] 

Then one one of the *campers’ (victim 1 or we’ll call ’em Infected A) gets up with a small size pop-corn bag still in hand heading out thru’ the entrance doors to use bathroom. 

[Layout: Medium view: Outside now (only to the readers) I.A.’s walking pass by two characters having their own conversation heading towards [the main] entrance/exit doors coming from bathroom. A hand flips a sign hanging inside on the glass

[Doors open/shut in the distance] 

I.A. notices the sign said, “Out of Order”, hanging on the door. Pissed and Alone I.A.’s looking from side to side heading starts running.] 

[Layout: close-up: We see the char. Holding stomache. Face goes from normal to sickly looking.]
[Layout: Medium View. Displays the The character runs towards a nearby grassy area, little bit farther on wards into the woods.]

*Cut to next scene* 

Meanwhile the moons’ high in the background, birds and bugs fly upward sensing danger. Its shadowy figure breathing heavily – eyes menacing, but the face is completely obscurred from the darkness and plants.

*SFX – Sound effects

[Layout: Reader is now viewing everything from the monsters point-of-view; Listening. (*SFX): twigs snapping from being stepped on underfoot. Smelling: (*SFX): Ears perk up. Catches the sound of pissing being heard from a far-off distance. – The chars nostrils sniffs, face contorts, lips then curls up into an evilly sickening snarl or smile; Teeth bared. 

[Cut to the scene where the shadowy figure moves swiftly towards the direction of I.A.] Unbeknownst to the char half nude, squatting whose doing her business (number 1 and number 2. – draw shit coming out of her rectum) close-up on the ass.

[Layout: Medium view: Two-Point Perspective, above looking below] 
Hands cracking, Claws protruding quickly out of fingers. Running in the woods. 

Layout: Tight shot. 
Face still masked behind branches shadows – only thing displayed is an open mouth – drool flying everywhere- Teeth fully displayed. In an instant lands atop of I.A. Then we quickly move away from the scene of carnage. Raped….

Right around the time the movie char is screaming, outside there’s screaming at the same time. Then someone says: 
“Man.. this HD is soo realistic.”
Another chimes in with,
“Sounds realistic too”. 

We see the char left sprawled out with blank look in his/her eyes’ still breathing but unconscious. 

[Ran out of ideas for what happens next, need you to do it for me]

The Movie ended and everyone walks back towards their cabins. 
The monster not satisfied, We see from the monster point-of-view it heading towards the cabins. 

(During that time, need the original Monster/Carrier is about to run towards the campsite; Zoom out. Out on the road, We see it gets hit by a dump-truck, it [M.C.] flies upwards into the air and landing unconsciously into the hydraulically operated open-box bed hinged at the rear. 
?? Wut!

[Layout: We see the truck moving farther and farther away from the camp and out of site.]

Really want help writing out a decent short storyline, you get to pick and choose who they are, the settings either funny or serious, in-between it all lots and lots of sex involved. Do have faith in you.[B][SIZE=7][COLOR=red] cool.gif