Tools for the Trade

  1. This will be the place for Additional resource such as fonts, programs, logs, and other stuff… no, not drawings. You may suggest other resource and it may be place up here for easy access.
  2. FONTS
  3. [URL=]Letter-O-Matic[/URL] – [Default Caption]
  4. [URL=]Mumble Jumble[/URL]
  5. [URL=]Adventure[/URL] < Camp Sherwood Sign
  6. [URL=]Fairly Odd Font[/URL]
  7. [URL=]Punkboy V1[/URL]
  8. [URL=]Adam Warren[/URL]
  9. [URL=]Badaboom[/URL]
  10. [URL=]Arfmoochikncheez[/URL]
  11. [URL=]Damn noisy kids![/URL]
  12. [URL=]Clementine[/URL]
  1. Punkboy and Adam Warren are both good for angry text.
  2. Anyone caught using Comic-Sans will be executed!GUIDES

  4. Drawing Tutorial
  5. [URL=]Drawing How to Draw[/URL]
  6. [URL=]Posemaniac[/URL]
  7. [URL=]Dragonart[/URL]

  8. [b]PROGRAMS[/b]
  9. [URL=]Gimp 2.6[/URL]
  10. [URL=]Inkscape[/URL]
  11. [URL=]MyPaint[/URL]
  12. [URL=]Celtx[/URL] – [URL=]Recommended by NuMe[/URL]
  13. [URL=]Paint Tool SAI [EN][/URL]

  14. [b]TEMPLATES[/b]
  15. [URL=]Comic Pages Storyboard[/URL]

  16. [b]E-BOOKS[/b]
  17. [URL=—Making-Comics]Making Comics by Scott Mccloud[/URL]

  18. Forgot to mention, the Logs are pretty old. But they are our skeletons so far.

  19. Here will be the placement of the color swatches. Right now I just have Cabin #7 and others will come eventually. After all of the swatches are completed, I’ll merge them into one whole image.

  20. [IMG][/IMG]
  21. [IMG][/IMG]

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