Episodes To Watch

The four most important episodes for this project IMO are:
The Boy Who Would Be Queen (se 2)
Boy's Toys (se 2)
Internet Stupor Highway (se 3)
Lovestruck! (se 2)**

To get them:
[URL=][i]FOP incomplete seasons 1-5[/i] torrent[/URL]

Other eps that are pretty good:
[b]Se 1:[/b] spaced out, father time, Christmas everyday.
[b]Se 2:[/b] action packed, totally spaced out, the switch glitch*.
[b]Se 3:[/b] abra catastrophe (this is 1st cartoon movie, may need to DL separately)*, kung timmy*, chip off the old chip*, snow bound*. Mind Over Magic.
[b]Se 4:[/b] shelf life, a bad case of diary-uh, vicky loses her icky, pixies inc., odd couple (this is the 'jumping the shark' moment for fans), emotion commotion*, just the two of us*, home wrecker*, class clown, new squid in town, beach bummed, CHANNEL CHASERS***(this is the 2nd cartoon movie, very good DL it separately), school's out, the musical (I haven't seen this one yet, assume it's okay).
[b]Se 5:[/b] yoo doo*, birthday wish*, 5 days of flarg, 2d house of horror*. it's a wishful life*.

That's as far as the download goes, but there are very few good episodes after season 5, anyway. That little fuck-ball Poof shitted up the rest of the show's run.

[i]If there are eps you like, or think there are too many Tootie episodes, add to the list![/i]

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