Day 5

This is the basic summery of what D6(The animal show) will be.

After the event of D5 the campers wake up, get ready, ect. and head outside to find some kind of show being set up. There large RV parked in the parking lot with black and yellow stripes on the side. As the campers discussed Sam announced that today there would be a animal show presented by the Thornberry’s. The crush cousins resenting the councilor’s (especially Jenny) decide to hatch up a plan to give the councilors a bit of hell. Eliza socializes with Timantha and a few other campers until Eliza senses some wrong then hears a far off yell in the distance that only she understood “freedom!!!”. A rush of animal scurried around the camp kicking up dirt and destroying the surroundings.( As the chaos ensued Ashley noticed the crush cousins the rolling around laughing, (Ashley) “Like, did you cause this?”(Brit) “Ha-ha what makes you say that?”[Sarcasm](Tiff) “Ha-ha ya it was us” (Ashley) “Wow that’s like totally awesome.” (Note: I may cut this out, but the idea of this is to set Ashley or possibly Rhonda (if I choose to use her) up for their role in the comic (most likely having her rat them out to get them out of the way to benefit herself) since its near week 2)
After the animals are gathered up and the landscape is wrecked to shit (This will be expanded on) Sam (very pissed) gives a short announcement “All campers report head to the short then report to your cabin for lights out! Any campers caught outside their cabin will result in severe disciplinary action! ” after which she walked off to talk to the other councilors. The campers are then split into 3 groups of 24 by jenny who makes sure to keep a watch on them (Brit and Tiff in particular). We skip over to the second group were Timantha , Tootie, Trixie, Veranica, and Lor have a brief conversation scene discussing events of the days and building on story.(Can’t say for sure what it will be yet) this will lead to a small fight(unless this is resolved in D5) which will result in Timantha wishing “I wish that we could get along a little better” which will result in a wide spread orgy throughout the camp(You can probably guess who granted the wish). After a few pages of HOTNESS Wanda will undo the wish leaving every one puzzled to what just happened and close with Tish walking in on Timantha/Lor post wish cancelation then storming off Lor chasing after her.
Note: This is just a short/simple summary of what D6 will be some part may be extended to fit the story (animal show, stamped/resolution, shower scene) some MAY be cut such as the crush cousins scene or orgy(seems to simple/lazily written) and a few will be added, but this is just the basic story of what it will be. Also sorry there are some spelling/grammar errors I tried my best to keep it neat.

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