Mission Accomplished


PANEL 1: A view from the lake to the boy's cabin. It's night and the moon is glowing off a dim light around the camp. One boy camper sit on the front edge of the dock, fishing in the lake.

CAPTION: Saturday Night

PANEL 2: Close on the boy, he's whistling his favorite tune while eying up to the moon.

PANEL 3: A hand lunges out of the water, grabbing the boy by his cover and drags him underwater.

PANEL 4: A dark silhouette creeps out of the water and onto the dock.[/QUOTE]


PANEL 1: Just outside the boys' cabins, the dark silhouette figure leans up against the wall of one of the cabin as several boys walk by, having their own conversation.

PANEL 2: The boys look over at where the figure was. The boys have a puzzled look on their face.

PANEL 3: Where the dark figure was, now sits a large cardboard box.

PANEL 4: The boys continue to look at the box as they walk away.

PANEL 5:Once the boys are far off in the distance, the cardboard box walks over to the next cabin.[/QUOTE]


PANEL 1: Looking through the opening of the box, we see several more boys run out of the cabin. One of the boy looks back to the cabin, calling for someone.

Boy: "Hey Arnold! You coming fishing with us of not? C'mon!"

Arnold: (Off Panel) "You go on without me, I'll catch up."

PANEL 2: The boys run off, while behind them, the box continues to walk on the darker side of the same cabin.

PANEL 3: A boy is present there, attempting to light a cigarette. He can be seem struggling to work the lighter.

PANEL 4: The cardboard box rises and the figure's arms reach out to hold over the boy in a headlock.

PANEL 5 :The boy is slam down face first, blood drizzle of out his mouth and nose.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE]PAGE 4 - [4 PANELS] - The Subject

PANEL 1: The dark figure now looks into the window of the cabin. Inside the cabin is Arnold [Hey Arnold!] looking at a photo.

PANEL 2: A close up view of the photo is a picture of a shocked Lila in a two-piece bikini, the upper part loosened enough to see her nipples.

PANEL 3: Arnold narrows his eyes and looks over his shoulder to be sure he's alone.

PANEL 4: Arnold removes his pants to unveil a boner, his hands grasping it.[/QUOTE]


PANEL 1: Laying on his bed, Arnold is hypnotize by the picture, while his hands beats his nuts like it owes him money. In the background, The dark figures eyes are popping out in shock.

PANEL 2: Arnold's face cringes as he begins to hit his climax. He squeezes his boner so tightly that it twists.

PANEL 3: Cum sprays out of Arnold's dick like a high pressured super-soaker.

PANEL 4: The dark figure's eyes grows eager.

PANEL 5: The dark figure's tongue glides out like a long snake and catches as much of Arnold's cum as possibles.[/QUOTE]


PANEL 1: Arnold's face is relaxed. He sit back to take a breather with is eyes closed.

PANEL 2: The Dark Figure, now revieled to be Helga, leans with her back on the wall. Her expression is lovestruck. Arnold's cum drooping from her smiling mouth. In the windows, Arnold can be seen getting dressed.

HELGA: (Thought) "Mission Accomplished. HaAa~"

PANEL 3: A view of the boy's camp. Several of the boy by the docks are fishing. A corpse float on the surface of the water.

Phoebe: (Off Panel) "Helga, what's going on? ...Helga? ... Helga!"

PANEL 4: Phoebe with headsets on, shouting with her arms out and tears in her eyes.


[QUOTE=L6hd,Aug 12 2011, 06:13 PM] [QUOTE]I actually remember an episode like that happening, Helga + nerd wearing glasses eating a reverse-kung-fu-knuckle-sandwich ... That would be *Drum Rolls* 

Thank you! That was his name, for some reason I couldn't remember it for the life of me.

[QUOTE]I'm thinking about that, but instead of punching him, she snaps his neck. She would then drag him into the woods and get her necrophilia on.[/QUOTE]
I could see her doing that actually and maybe taping a picture of arnold to his face and pretending its him. [/QUOTE]
[i]Stapling[/i] a picture of Arnold on Brainy's face and rapes it. Wow, she is crazy! 

LOL I dunno. It was just suppose to be a simple humorous one-shot story about that crazy ass Helga trying to get her cum. Of course the whole thing was rushed so there's obviously a lot of missteps in the writing.

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