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Forgot to mention, the Logs are pretty old. But they are our skeletons so far.

Here will be the placement of the color swatches. Right now I just have Cabin #7 and others will come eventually. After all of the swatches are completed, I'll merge them into one whole image.


Here are some reference images of all the characters in day 4 in no particular order.

Stuck them in IMG tags so they don't have to go through the links.

Lol, I actually saw that episode. Though it's not Timantha, it's Kimmy.

These are some bits and pieces of Mister_D's art collection left that have been scattered across the Internet. These are for you to reference,not for fapping.

















If you find anything else feel free to just add it to the list.


Here's a second attempt to please you fags. Apparently, closing myself off to write out the story is making everyone into dead shit, waiting like lazy people.  :P 


[b]##PANEL 1[/b]- A view of the main campus of Camp Sherwood. Several campers are filing out of the woods and heading back to the cabins.


[b]##PANEL 2[/b]- Veronica is wearing and hugging her backpack in front of her, looking around nervously. Trixie walks besides her, trying to calm Veronica.

VERONICA: "I-I can't do this, Trixie. They're gonna find out about the comics."

TRIXIE: "Shh! Don't worry, and stop looking around so nervously."

[b]##PANEL 3[/b]- Several other campers are walking the opposite direction of them, clearly today is their camp-out. In the background Trixie and Veronica are still in discussion.

TRIXIE: "Just hold your chin up until you get to your cabin, then stash them."

VERONICA: "I- uh, okay. But can your cover me?"

TRIXIE: "Sure."

[b]##PANEL 4[/b]- Close up on Veronica hugging on to her backpack, looking down at it. In the background to the right is Penelope looking back at her while walking the opposite direction.

VERONICA: (THOUGHT) "I can trust Trixie. She said she could keep a secret. She's... my friend."

[b]##PANEL 5[/b]- A very close up shot of Penelope's face, she has her suspicions about Veronica's behavior.

PENELOPE: (THOUGHT) "I wonder what she's so nervous about?"

[b]##PANEL 1[/b]- Behind Tish from a distance, walking far ahead alone. The cabins and lake can be seen not too far from the readers view.

TIMMANTHA: (OFF PANEL) "So Lor, are you gonna go talk to her?"

LOR: (OFF PANEL) "Not right now. I'm sure she's still pissed off with me after what happened last night."

TIMMANTHA: (OFF PANEL) "What happened? What did you do?"

LOR: (OFF PANEL) "I didn't- ...She's- *sigh* I dunno."

[b]##PANEL 2[/b]- Timmantha jogs ahead of Lor while looking back at her. Lor appears startled of Timmantha's motives. Several fellow campers congregate amongst themselves in the background.

TIMMANTHA: "Maybe I should go have a word with her."

LOR: "Timmantha, don't!"

TIMMANTHA: "We're just gonna talk. Don't worry, I won't ask what happened between you two."

[b]##PANEL 3[/b]- Tish is walking with displeased look on her face while rolling her eyes, refusing to look back. Timmantha is rushing from behind her with her hand up.

TIMMANTHA: "Hey, uh- Lor's friend! Mind if we talk?"

TISH: "Sure... why not?"

[b]##PANEL 4[/b]- Tish and Timmantha are walking side-by-side near a bleacher. Timmantha remains a tad bashful, where as Tish is annoyed by her presence.

TIMMANTHA: "Listen, about last night... I know you didn't mean to do what you did. But- I forgive you."

TISH: "Is that so?"

[b]##PANEL 5[/b]- Timmantha looks down to the ground, avoiding Tish's stare. She kicks a few dirt-clods from the path.

TIMMANTHA: "Look... I don't want to get in between you two, but Lor is pretty upset, so-"


[b]##PANEL 1[/b]- Several of the girls from the popular cliche are sitting at the bleachers. Brit has her chin up and smiling down at Timmantha and Tish (Off Panel), while Tiff, Rhonda, and Ashley snicker beside her.

BRIT: "-Well well well, looks like the two have really gotten a liking for one another. Planning your own sleepover so you two can cuddle?"

[b]##PANEL 2[/b]- Tish and Timmantha duck their heads in slightly, embarrassed. Timmantha nervously eyes the Crust cousin (OFF PANEL) while Tish tries to walk away as fast as she could.

TIFF: (OFF PANEL) "Yeah, them beaver teeth would make a good toy to nibble that coochy. Ain't that right Tish!"

[b]##PANEL 3[/b]- Tish's back turned to the reader, she cries as she dashes off to the cabins in the distance, bypassing everyone else.

[b]##PANEL 4[/b]- The popular cliche laugh away holding their stomachs. Timmantha takes the opportunity to try and sly away further from the popular girls. Lor is pissed off, glaring up at them.

BRIT: "She- she cried! Ha HAA!"

Rhonda: "I still don't get it, please tell us the whole story."

TIFF: "Okay, okay, Okay! Ya' see, Tish was yapping about someone she's crushin' on-"

[b]##PANEL 5[/b]- Lor's gets confrontation, her expression is outrage.

LOR: "Hey, what did I say about-"



[b]##PANEL 1[/b]- Helga stumps her foot down on one of the seats of the bleachers.

[b]##PANEL 2[/b]- With here arms crossed, Helga stands face to face with Brit and Tiff, who remain seated. The Crust cousin are unphased by Helga's threat. Behind the Crust cousins, Ashley notice Rhonda is panicked and backing away. Lor is dumbstruck by Helga's interference.

HELGA: "If there's anything I hate more than my sister Olga, it's spoiled tramps like you! Now lay off those simpletons or I'll pop you one!"

TIFF: "Bitch, do we know you?"

[b]##PANEL 3[/b]- Several campers (Goo being one of them) taking notice of the event that is taking place at the bleachers.

HELGA: (OFF PANEL) "No, you don't. It's Helga G. Pataki! And I've had enough of your crap!"

GOO: "I think there's gonna be a fight!"

[b]##PANEL 4[/b]- A crowd form around Helga and the popular cliche while they continue to spat at each other. Goo is amongst the crowd bugging the people around her by making hissing cat sounds.

HELGA: "You pretty princesses think you're so superior over the rest of us. But believe me, if you shit stains think you're gonna to just push the idiots around, then you got another thing coming!"

BRIT: "Ooh, an anti-hero. We've dealt with people like you before. What do you plan to do, beat us up and walk away into the sunset?"

[b]##PANEL 5[/b]- Helga leaning forward, slightly blocking out the sun, leaving her to appear in a silhouette. Cat sounds float around in the background.

HELGA: "Maybe I will. But believe me, sister, I'm no push-over."

[b]##PANEL 6[/b]- Helga turns her head to Goo, who's still meowing and hissing as she pretends to fight with the other campers.


Yeah, Continue the discussion here.

[20:13]  day 1 doesnt count tward the actuall camp time
[20:13]  cause its just the introduction in the afternoon
[20:13]  There has to be a good amount of build up to rule 34... otherwise we might as well just make stand alone images of TimmyAnything
[20:14]  so 22 days total +1 if we decide to extend it to after they go back to dimmsdale
[20:14]  exactly @kiso
[20:14]  I agree. We shouldn't go to heavily on the porn. Especially not  with specific characters. But Still...
[20:15]  Also I think it should be 28 days like the original creators wanted.
[20:15]  i didnt know exact numbers off the top of my head
[20:15]  4 weeks?
[20:15]  ^
[20:16]  they never discussed anything after 3 weeks thouhg
[20:16]  The original creators planned for 28 days.
[20:16]  1 month
[20:16]  thats why i forgot about it
[20:16]  Seems like a good time for camp
[20:16]  i agree
[20:16]  >1 month "More or less"
[20:17]  Erm they had one day planned in the last week.
[20:17]  But that was it.
[20:18]  Sam says "the next three weeks"
[20:18]  In page 3
[20:18]  Yeah so did Wanda.
[20:19]  But I think 3 weeks AFTER the week that was already in progress.
[20:19]  Semantics?
[20:19]  Unless we make a sequel for next years summer camp.
[20:19]  Because in the Logs they talk about "28 days they're ther"
[20:23]  I think we should go with 3 weekd
[20:23]  make it easier on us'
[20:24]  Like I said: Semantics?
[20:24]  Actually... more like... Technicallity.
[20:24]  plus maybe a few days after they go home
[20:24]  to follow-up
[20:24]  Epilogue chapter!
[20:24]  ^
[20:35]  "For the next three weeks." a quote from Sam.
[20:35]  Ok so what the problem
[20:35]  Oh so it may be 4 weeks
[20:35]  None actually... we could interpret it as a total 3 week camp or a 4 week camp.
[20:36]  "28 days"
[20:36]  the original story fags wanted 28 days
[20:36]  Thats a mouth full
[20:36]  i think we should go with 3 weeks and an epolog
[20:36]  And I still want it to be 28.
[20:36]  They find out we will screw them over with a 3-week story and they'll find us.
[20:37]  we'll se where we are when we hit day 14
[20:37]  Well before we get to far along we gotta find a pace.
[20:37]  Are we capable of making 4w of story
[20:37]  We need to figure things out before the end of the second week or things will be come complicated.
[20:37]  thats what i was thinking
[20:37]  @ddvbb
[20:38]  I don't think we are. The only way would be if we worked in a studio.
[20:38]  3 weeks of camp and a week of "epalog" in dimmsdale?
[20:38]   4 weeks would work
[20:39]  Epilogue?
[20:39]  thanjks
[20:40]  CAMP! CAMP! CAMP!
[20:40]  and and epilogue chapter...
[20:40]  That about it..
[20:40]  Dimmsdale isn't the focus!
[20:40]  I am addiment that the best course of action and the easiest to do would be 3 weeks of camp.
[20:41]  Dimsdale would be used to focus as a rapup not side story
[20:41]  I guess
[20:41]  it might take a week
[20:41]  to wrap it up
[20:41]  nicely[/CODE]

This is the basic summery of what D6(The animal show) will be. After the event of D5 the campers wake up, get ready, ect. and head outside to find some kind of show being set up. There large RV parked in the parking lot with black and yellow stripes on the side. As the campers discussed Sam announced that today there would be a animal show presented by the Thornberry’s. The crush cousins resenting the councilor’s (especially Jenny) decide to hatch up a plan to give the councilors a bit of hell. Eliza socializes with Timantha and a few other campers until Eliza senses some wrong then hears a far off yell in the distance that only she understood “freedom!!!”. A rush of animal scurried around the camp kicking up dirt and destroying the surroundings.( As the chaos ensued Ashley noticed the crush cousins the rolling around laughing, (Ashley) “Like, did you cause this?”(Brit) “Ha-ha what makes you say that?”[Sarcasm](Tiff) “Ha-ha ya it was us” (Ashley) “Wow that’s like totally awesome.” (Note: I may cut this out, but the idea of this is to set Ashley or possibly Rhonda (if I choose to use her) up for their role in the comic (most likely having her rat them out to get them out of the way to benefit herself) since its near week 2) After the animals are gathered up and the landscape is wrecked to shit (This will be expanded on) Sam (very pissed) gives a short announcement “All campers report head to the short then report to your cabin for lights out! Any campers caught outside their cabin will result in severe disciplinary action! ” after which she walked off to talk to the other councilors. The campers are then split into 3 groups of 24 by jenny who makes sure to keep a watch on them (Brit and Tiff in particular). We skip over to the second group were Timantha , Tootie, Trixie, Veranica, and Lor have a brief conversation scene discussing events of the days and building on story.(Can’t say for sure what it will be yet) this will lead to a small fight(unless this is resolved in D5) which will result in Timantha wishing “I wish that we could get along a little better” which will result in a wide spread orgy throughout the camp(You can probably guess who granted the wish). After a few pages of HOTNESS Wanda will undo the wish leaving every one puzzled to what just happened and close with Tish walking in on Timantha/Lor post wish cancelation then storming off Lor chasing after her. Note: This is just a short/simple summary of what D6 will be some part may be extended to fit the story (animal show, stamped/resolution, shower scene) some MAY be cut such as the crush cousins scene or orgy(seems to simple/lazily written) and a few will be added, but this is just the basic story of what it will be. Also sorry there are some spelling/grammar errors I tried my best to keep it neat.

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