Camp Sherwood: Rise Of The Lust Wolf

Looking to start working on a side-project, Titled: Camp Sherwood: Rise of Lust Wolf.

It takes place where the campers are inside watching a movie, about ..well, what else…Cheesy 80’s horror flixs based on American Werewolf in (wherever). Attacking some poor smuck anyway

Movie playing in the background: [Layout is of the entire campers n staff together]

Then one one of the campers (doesn’t matter who at this point but we’ll call ’em Infected A) with a mini-bag of pop-corn [Layout showing only to the readers, I. A walking pass each characters i.e. some eating others drinking soda; Viewing the movie]

While outside. [Door closing behind them. I.A. looking from side to side]

[Layout: We see the char. Holding stomache. Face goes from normal to looking sickly (color will show only green or whatever );

[Layout: Medium View. Displays the The character runs towards a nearby grassy area, little bit farther on wards into the woods.]

Meanwhile, Moon high in the background, a monster breathing heavily – have steam coming out of the nostrils (maybe) – looking menacing but the face is completely obscurred from the darkness and plants.

[Layout: Reader is now viewing everything from the monsters point-of-view; Listening. Sfx: will display twigs snapping, underfoot.. Smelling: Sfx: Pissing sounds are being heard from the distance. – The chars nostrils sniffs, then curls up into an evilly sickening snarl or smile. Teeth bared. [Cut to the scene were the shadowy figure moves towards the direction of I.A.] Unbeknownst to the char whose doing her business (number 1 and number 2. – we could draw shit coming out of her rectum if your cool with that)

We finish it off with the char fully half nude, squatted [Layout: Midium view: Claws, Arms, and face (still masked behind shadows – only thing displayed is an open mouth – drool flying everywhere- Teeth fully displayed.] Popping out from behind. Then we quickly move away from the scene of carnage.

Right around the time the movie char is screaming, outside theres screaming, Then some one says: “Man.. this HD is soo realistic.”, another chimes in with, “Sounds realistic too”.

[Ran out of ideas for what happens next, need you to do it for me]

Hours later

During that time, need the original Monster/Carrier is about to run towards the campsite; Gets hit by a dump-truck, it [M.C.] flies upwards into the air and landing unconsciously into the hydraulically operated open-box bed hinged at the rear.

[Layout: We see the truck moving farther and farther away from the camp and out of site.]

Really want help writing out a decent short storyline, you get to pick and choose who they are, the settings either funny or serious, in-between it all lots and lots of sex involved. Do have faith in you. If you want could get Kanamag to jump in on this as back-up writer or go solo?

Is this alright with you, because if there’s anything out of the way just simply explain it to me so can understand.  Not very active when it comes to drawing illustrations from storyline, but give me some time and will definitively come up with something. That way it’ll be a simple breeze in finishing the overal comic with ease! 

Any helpful tips would be nice, I mean, this is just the beginning of an idea; Would be helpful with writer on board to fill in the blanks.   In the meantime currently finished up with previous side-story put together by Kanamag and  Etherion. 

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