Character personalities

The idea of this post is to write down the personalities of the characters in the comic. In other words: how we’re going to portray them.

Preferably, as close to their cartoon-personalies as possible.

I don’t know all t characters and their shows, so please, add in the comments what you know about characters that haven’t been mentioned and share ideas about those that have been.

I’m starting with the girls currently in the day 4 scenario.


Trixie Tang: Rich girl, knows she’s pretty but deep down doesn’t care. Interested in comics and general nerd-stuff. Everyone expects her to be popular, because she’s rich & hot. She does this because she feels she has to, but resents it.

Timmy/Timantha: Pretty much a clueless kid with stupid parents and a horrible babysitter, Vicky. He uses his fairygodparents to wish for all kinds of stuff he thinks will make his life better, but usually they don’t and he reverts the wishes, having learned something in the progress. I think this experience will be the same, although a bit beyond the childish level of the cartoon. And by that I do not mean finding out what’s so different about girls in general. There will be that, but also more.

Tootie: Has a crush on Timmy. Often viewed as psycho, but she’s really just a stalker. She has fantasies, but when push comes to shove, she’s wouldn’t kidnap Timmy or anything.

Goo: In FHFIF, she basically represents that kid we all know who just won’t stop rambling on and on about something he/she’s fantasizing about and how great this and that would be, and so on and so forth. Annoying, but nobody wants to point it out because nobody really wants to hurt the feelings of the little kid who’s just trying to get some attention. And that’s basically what she’s after: attention.

Jade-Chan: Didn’t see this show a lot. Her uncle always leaves her behind when he goes on missions, which she doesn’t like. So she sneaks along anyway. Doesn’t like being told “it’s too dangerous” and stuff like that. Inidivualist spirit who believes she can take care of herself, but not above asking help.


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