The side story script so far

Trixie is seen walking beside down a dark alley in a disguise. She stops and pulls out a letter. It reads: “I know what you did. Meet me behind the Wall 2 Wall Mart at Midnight or everyone at school will know, too.” She looks around, worried.

Trixie: (to herself) Where are you?

A small pigtailed shadow is seen sneaking up behind Trixie.

Trixie: What th…

A cloth is pulled over Trixie’s mouth, and she lets out a muffled scream before falling unconscious.

Trixie is bound and gagged in a different alley next to a dumpster. Tootie is standing over her with a ski mask on her face. The ski mask does not hide her eyes, mouth, or pigtails, that is any significant part of her face. A bag lies beside the two. Trixie groans then slowly opens her eyes. Finding Tootie hovering above her she tries to scream.

Tootie: So, you think you can steal my Timmy away from me? You think that just because you’re prettier and more popular he’ll fall in love with you instead of me? I’ll show you who’s better for Timmy Turner!

Trixie looks confused as well as terrified, but Tootie doesn’t notice. Tootie grabs Trixie’s shirt and pulls it above her bra. First looking at Trixie’s face, she then unclasps the bra and flings it aside.

Tootie: You think you can use your big boobs to trick Timmy into loving you? (grabbing Trixie’s boob) They’re not that much bigger. (Tootie pulls off her own shirt to reveal her chest. She’s not wearing a bra.) They just haven’t grown in yet. Besides, my Timmy doesn’t even like boobs! (Tootie takes Trixie’s nipple and pinches it, making her whine.) How do you like them now? (Tootie smiles deviously and continues to torture Trixie by pulling and twisting her nipples. Trixie whines and tries ineffectually to get away.)

Veronica is walking down an alley perpendicular to Trixie and Tootie. She has something in her hand. She stops near the corner of the two alleys. The dumpster can be seen around the corner hiding Trixie and Tootie from view. The object she is holding is shown to be a GPS device with “Trixie Tracker” written on it in marker.

Veronica: (looking around) What would Trixie be doing here? This thing must be broken.

Whines and moans can be heard in the distance.

Veronica: (fearfully) What is that?

Veronica slowly walks over beside the dumpster and peeks around it. Tootie can be seen continuing to torture Trixie.

Veronica: (in her head) Oh my god, what is that girl doing to Trixie? (Veronica flattens herself against the dumpster, her eyes wide with fear.) I have to save her! (Then her expression becomes more thoughtful. Veronica turns back to look around the dumpster. Tootie is now straddling Trixie still torturing her.) Then again, that crazy girl isn’t really hurting her… (She begins to smile maliciously.) and this could be fun to watch… (Her hand slips down under her skirt.) Let’s see how YOU like it being pushed around.

Tootie can be seen pulling something out of her bag.



Tootie is reaching into her bag still straddling Trixie.

Tootie: You’re not good enough for my boyfriend! (Tootie pulls a vibrator out of the bag and turns it on.) I’ll show you!

Trixie is, obviously, mortified and shaking her head, trying to scream. Tootie pulls Trixie’s skirt down to her ankles and sits on her legs. She is relishing the moment as Trixie tries to pull away. Laughing, Tootie pushes the vibrator into Trixie’s crotch. Trixie’s back arches and she begins to cry.

Tootie: (Leaning over towards Trixie’s face) Do you still want to steal Timmy, twerp?



Veronica is watching from behind the dumpster, skirt up and panties down. She turns away from the scene which she has been watching with rapt attention.

Veronica: (in her head) Timmy?



Next, I had imagined Tootie working on Trixie until she orgasms, possibly penetrating her with the vibrator. She would then “Queen” her. I thought I’d leave that to you, Kanamag, since I remember it being your suggestion.


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  1. kanamag

    Just finished reading. Here’s what I’d change:

    1) Veronica’s reaction to discovering Trixie being molested. The whole “then again…” thing feels unnatural. I’d just have her discover them and then something like:
    Veronica(in her head): “Oh god, what are they doing?”
    Veronica flattens herself against the dumpster.

    Tootie(out loud): “How do you like that, you slut?”

    Veronica(in her head): “She’s treating her like a total slut. Oh god… Trixie’s being raped.
    This… this is so hot. Yeah, treat her like the slut she is.”

    2) Also, I wouldn’t have Tootie mention Timmy *after* Veronica shows up. Upon discovery, Veronica just thinks this is happening because someone likes using Trixie as a slut. This leads to Veronica thinking she can now use Trixie too afterwards. If she knows it’s about Timmy, she might not consider Trixie weak enough to take her over.

    Just a thought, I’d prefer leaving Veronica in the unknown as to the real reason for this.

    Kay, now my part, with the queening. Which is basically face-sitting. You can probably find loads of it on sites like e-hentai if anyone wants reference-images. Though, they’re usually of someone with a huge ass sitting on someone’s face completely smothering it. In this case, Tootie is smaller than Trixie, so that wouldn’t be the same.

    Story time:
    We see Veronica masturbating. Behind the dumpster we see a text-bubble with Tootie saying “You’re such a slut, you’d cum no matter who or what”.

    We see Veronica thinking: “Fuck this is so hot” While she’s still masturbating.

    Shift to Tootie, who pulls of Trixie’s gag in one panel and then hovers her cunt over Trixie’s face in the other. Trixie is too phased to say anything comprehensible. Tootie says: “Time for me to have some fun too now.” And she presses down on Trixie’s mouth. Then she starts moving back and forth, sometimes smashing down some more. Here and there saying stuff like “Mhhm” “Yeah” “Ah”.

    Possibly some shots showing Veronica, looking around the corner. At one point thinking “she’s being used like a tool”.

    Tootie then grabs Trixie’s hair(by her ears somewhere, has to be close to be able to realistically reach it) and starts moving her hips back and forth real fast, as she’s getting close to orgasm.

    Tootie: “Take it you cunt”.
    And Tootie cums, spraying Trixie’s face with orgasmic fluids.

    Tootie: “You better remember this. Stay the fuck…”.

    At this point, Veronica bumps in to something. The sound startles Tootie, who looks towards the sound but immediately runs off without completing her sentence, leaving Trixie and the bag with the vibrators and chloroform behind.

    Veronica hears the Tootie run off. She looks around the corner of the dumpster, crawls forward on knees and hands towards Trixie.

    Trixie is crying a bit. Veronica sees the bag and the bottle of chloroform tipped over on the ground.
    With a smile on her face, she grabs the chloroform and some cloth. Just as Trixie turns over and sees Veronica, Veronica pushes the cloth on Trixie’s nose. Trixie can just say “Ver…” and the mumbles a bit under the cloth and passes out.

    Veronica picks her up and walks off, saying “there’s a whole week-end ahead of us to have more fun.”
    The end.

    With that idea, we would have to change the note at the beginning to say “everyone at school will know next week”.

    Still, the end can be changed. It’s not ideal, I see that.

    June 12, 2011 at 4:17 PM