Summary for June 9th.

Basically a lot of back & forth about how the side story should go. It was going all over the place, so we decided to stick with the original idea:

<Kanamag> The original idea was
<Tako666> uh-huh, what Kan
<Kanamag> Tootie sends Trixie a letter of sorts, have her come to a dark alley
<Kanamag> Tootie rapes Trixie
<Kanamag> the end
<Zed> ^
<Kanamag> Reason for rape: Tootie wants Trixie to turn down Timmy, hard
<Kanamag> So she can have him :p
<Zed> that actually makes a lot of sense
<Kanamag> Veronica wasn’t once mentioned
<Tako666> So…it would seem
<Kanamag> Now, if you want her in for practice, we could have Veronica watch the whole thing
<Kanamag> Cuz she stalks trixie
<Kanamag> She masturbates to the rape happening
<Tako666> You win this round now, Kanamag.
<Zed> have veronica fapping
<Kanamag> Cuz she’s secretly wanting to be a BDSM dominatrix with Trixie as her slave :p
<Tako666> shut. UP! zed, continue Kanmag

That’s here it ended. This is the premise of the side-story.


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